Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So i started blogging...

I didn't think I was the blogging type!

However sometimes i feel that I have thoughts and ideas I want to share with other people. Well, i could share them with my family, but they couldn't care less about my jewelry creation hobby. Not entirely true, my 16 year old daughter took a jewelry making class. She can use a torch and knows what flux and pickle mean to the metalworking community :)

Often i make jewelry during TV shows. This is so-calle "quality time with my family" when they can watch whatever they want, and i can quietly wrap wire around gemstones :)

This is a small piece I made during House episode on monday. It wasn't my favorite episode, anyway!

A small pendant i tried yesterday, but it still needs work. And i still have work to do, bills to pay etc. Not enough time to refine my little creations. Oh, well...

Thank you for viewing!


  1. Your jewelry is beautiful! I love how you wrapped the wire around those earrings up there. That technique is amazing!

    That is the time I used to make jewelry, too, LOL! So I could be spending time with my husband as he watched sports games. It's the best!

  2. Congrats on your new blog! Cute etsy shop too!

  3. I really like those earrings! The wire wrapping style is different from what I usually see. :)